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How To Make Money With YouTube

How To Make Money With YouTube – Millions of people now have the opportunity to support themselves through the monetization of virtually any skill, talent, or opportunity thanks to the convenience and wide reach of the internet. However, there are many misunderstandings about specific tactics, as is the case with any business that aims to make money. Consider YouTube.

In particular, you’ll frequently notice that platform’s name at the top of articles about home-based income. However, even though it is possible to earn money using YouTube, this goal is rarely attained in the way that most people would have you believe.

In fact, you need to look a little further and develop a more long-term strategy if you want to make money from YouTube.

The Difficulties of Monetizing YouTube

The YouTube myth goes something like this: Post some videos, get some viewers, and then make some money off of the ads. Everyone recycles and uses that tale to promote get-rich-quick schemes because it seems easy and effortless. However, it’s a fact that you cannot support yourself on YouTube ad revenue alone.

According to businessman Michael Johnston, “Even though advertisers are paying a respectable sum to promote their products through video ads, only a portion of their expenditures ever make it into content creators’ pockets.” The videos where these ads are displayed might only get $2 or $3 in revenue per 1,000 views, for instance, if advertisers are paying an average of $20 per 1,000 ad impressions.

In other words, for every million views, you’ll only make a few thousand dollars. Without a doubt, obtaining millions of views is very difficult. The good news is that YouTube advertising aren’t the only revenue-generating prospects for creative folks ready to work hard and establish meaningful business strategies.

How To Make Money With YouTube – Alternative methods for monetizing YouTube

How To Make Money With YouTube
How To Make Money With YouTube

Stop considering the YouTube platform to be a monetizable medium in and of itself if you want to generate a solid revenue from it. Instead, consider YouTube to be the initiator. The actual way to generate money from YouTube is to harness its huge network. This is how:

  1. Use Shopify to sell your own products.

Did you know that, behind Google, YouTube is the second-largest search engine on the planet? It wouldn’t make sense from a marketing perspective to disregard this enormous resource. Selling your own tangible goods on YouTube is one of the best ways to earn money.

Assume for the moment that you already have a product to market. You may create films that are relevant to your product’s specialty and then put up an online shop using a tool like Shopify. You may create strategic CTAs that direct viewers to your product landing pages at the conclusion of the films.

Although there is definitely more more to it than this, that is essentially how the conversion funnel looks. This funnel will mostly succeed if your product is solid and your videos are clear and interesting.

  1. Use Yondo to sell premium videos.

Your little distribution of ad income is a considerably worse solution if your ultimate objective is to truly generate money from videos. Instead, start a YouTube channel and grow your following. The main objective is to engage this audience and establish a brand. Once you’ve gained a solid following, start directing visitors to your own landing sites so you can start upselling viewers on premium video content.

Using a service like Yondo, which enables you to build your own shop and sell on-demand video content with your own domain, is one of the best methods to do this. You may offer pay-per-view rentals, monthly subscriptions or anything in between. The best part is that you may pick your own pricing and are not required to share money with YouTube.

  1. Send visitors to affiliate links.

It goes without saying that affiliate marketing is a very well-liked way to make money online. The problem is that a lot of affiliate marketers don’t put in the time and effort necessary to actually make a good living.

Create a vibrant YouTube channel and use it as the main catalyst to promote affiliate links rather than depending on static blogs to do it. You may get ahead of the curve and start to gain today as the internet shifts more and more toward using video as the major content format.

  1. Encourage sponsors.

You’ll see sponsorships and adverts in the videos of the most popular YouTubers if you pay attention. These possibilities were found on their own by the video producers.

You don’t have to pay YouTube a cut, which is a fantastic thing about sponsorships. Additionally, you are free to bargain whatever contracts you choose depending on impressions and audience size. In most circumstances, the amount of income you make through sponsorships is much larger than YouTube ad revenue. You can still make money from ads in the interim. It’s like earning money from the same video via two different channels.)

  1. Make the transition to in-person speeches.

Finally, use your YouTube profile and get live speaking gigs. Do some research on annual conferences or other industry events that feature keynote speakers if the YouTube channel you create is targeted at a particular audience or niche. Then, put up a presentation and pitch to the event producers using some of your greatest video and your YouTube statistics.

Speaking engagements in person can be extremely lucrative. A single hourlong talk might bring in thousands of dollars. Therefore, be careful to look for these chances. should never pass up an opportunity to expand your audience.

  1. Consider novel ideas.

Can you really earn money via YouTube? Absolutely. Are impression-based ad revenues going to be your main source of income? Most likely not. Instead, you should think of methods to make use of the YouTube network to generate income.

3 Alternatives to Adsense for YouTube Income

Why does YouTube pay its creators so little? Let’s start by keeping in mind that this is YouTube’s platform, and although it is under no obligation to compensate its artists, it does so nevertheless. Additionally, bear in mind that the money from advertisements passes through many hands before it reaches you. Consumers pay the advertiser first, who then pays YouTube, who pays the creative last. There isn’t much money left over at the end. So, what can producers do to fast leverage YouTube to establish a sustainable income?

Affiliate promotion

One of the most well-liked ways to monetize your YouTube channel is via this. Through a unique URL that is connected to your account, you may sell other people’s items and earn a commission for each good or service you sell through affiliate marketing. Although a large number of businesses provide affiliate programmes through which you may earn a commission, Amazon’s Associates programme, which begins the fee at 4%, is one of the easiest and most well-known programmes.

You will be sent to your portal when you join up for Amazon’s programme, where you may search for almost any product on the Amazon marketplace and build a unique link for it. Simply create a video showcasing a product you like, encourage viewers to follow the link in the description if they’re interested, and watch the commissions come in. The greatest part is that you will earn a commission on everything your readers buy on Amazon during the next 24 hours after they click your link.

Promoting your own goods

We believe YouTube will compensate us with a little portion of every money they get from an advertisement. Amazon and other affiliate networks will offer us a higher proportion of sales, but what if we wanted to keep 100% of the profits and be in complete control of the cash flow? You must market your own goods in order to do this.

For example, let’s imagine you design a little online training session that you offer for $50. To gain more value, you should create a video that is extremely valuable and then pitch your course at the end. If you were merely successful in persuading 0.5 percent of your audience to buy your course (five viewers), you would earn a total of $250 from your own product. YouTube AdSense will pay around $1 per 1,000 views on that video. In order to earn more money than YouTube will pay, not many people need to buy your product.


Giving value of any kind is, in the end, the easiest method to earn money on YouTube. It is insufficient to upload videos and hope for the best. Once you’ve progressively attracted your desired audience, you should regularly market your consulting services so that your audience may continue to get value. Your objective should be to convince your audience to ask yourself, “If I’m receiving this much value from free YouTube videos, imagine how much value I’d get from a paid one-on-one counselling service.” The decision to compensate you for your experience, knowledge, and time would then be obvious.

In my experience, many YouTube producers who start out think that all they need to do is submit videos, enable advertisements, and wait for the money to come in. This is only true if you want to use your movies to generate an unstable passive income. If you are wanting to develop a brand and a company, be sure to add value and sprinkle in these alternative revenue sources. However, keep in mind that none of these YouTube income opportunities will be successful unless you first create value. If you put value first, earning money will follow more easily.

How To Make Money With YouTube

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