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Stretch Your Small Business Dollars: Trade Show Banner Stands That Deliver!

Posted on August 13, 2019 in Uncategorized

Your company needs the visibility of a trade show to make industry contacts and introduce new products. But professional trade show displays are an expensive investment for any small business, especially in these tough economic times. And the last thing you want is to attend a trade show with an outdated booth. If you can’t afford a new trade show display, consider enhancing an existing booth with a banner stand. Trade shows are a cost-effective, creative way to attract attention and stretch your dollars. And with proper care, your trade show banner stand can last for many years to come.

Personalize your banner stand: choosing the right style for your small business is crucial.
Available in a variety of materials, colors, and sizes, a vibrant one will add a punch to your next trade show. Before purchasing it, determine how and where you plan to use it. Will you be using it to introduce a new product? Is your goal to enhance brand awareness and attract attention? Or do you want to emphasize a company logo and contact information? Will you be using the stand primarily for indoor displays or will it also need to be used outside? Keep this goal and location in mind when selecting your banner stand.

Here are some different types of banner stands:
* Retractable or ‘Roll-up’ Banner Stands – Generally considered the easiest to use and transport, they are extremely popular. Similar to a window shade, the banner is stored in the base of the stand and rolls up for display.
* L Banner Stands – An ‘L’ shaped frame holds and supports the banner, with the bottom of the ‘L’ resting on the floor. The banner is attached with clips at the top and bottom.
* X Banner Stands – An ‘X’ shaped frame holds and supports the banner. Three legs add stability, and the banner can be attached with clips in four places.
* Telescopic or Poll ones- These stands include a telescoping poll that adjusts to fit the size of your banner. A great investment if you plan on swapping out different sized banners.
* Motorized or Scrolling ones- If you are looking to add extra flair and drama to your display, these stands are for you! These stands mount either at the floor or ceiling, and continually scroll your graphics.
* Outdoor ones- Constructed specifically for outdoor events from heavy-duty, durable materials. A hollow stand base can be filled with sand to anchor the stand against unexpected high winds.

Keep costs low: Be sure to recycle it.
It is a durable, long-term investment that will last for years. If you are in the market for it, consider purchasing one second-hand or from a wholesale company, rather than buying one new. You’ll save on costs, and can easily purchase different graphics for the stand. Likewise, if you have several of them and no longer need to use all of them or are looking to upgrade, consider selling one locally to another company or back to a wholesaler.

Think long-term: Use your banner stand after the trade show.

When the trade show concludes, don’t let your banner stand gather dust. They are a great way to add functionality to small store or business space. Turn an unused store corner into a retail display or add punch to your storefront at a shopping mall.

Display your banner stand for extra professionalism at your next business meeting or conference. When thinking about long-term uses, consider where your target audience is likely to be found. Does your target audience frequent the local movie theater, major sporting arenas or pass through a nearby hotel lobby? These are all ideal locations to attract attention and promote your company with a colorful banner stand display.